AffinityX partners with MindStudio, bringing AI to over 2 Million Businesses


We are bringing MindStudio AIs to over 2 million SMBs through our partnership with AffinityX.

"The partnership brings a host of AI-powered applications to SMBs around the world and is poised to revolutionize the way millions of businesses approach their daily operations," said David McTarnaghan, AffinityX CEO.

The first set of AI-powered applications included in the partnership cater to a wide variety of business needs, including marketing, operational efficiency, and content production.

To prepare for this opportunity, we are launching a MindStudio Certified Developer program soon. Getting certified will make you eligible for hire by these companies looking to implement AI.

This is an incredible chance to put your MindStudio skills to work empowering businesses worldwide. Stay tuned for more details on the certification program.

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