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The Label Machine Builds AI Assistants to Streamline New Business Launches in the Music Industry


The Label Machine (TLM), an online education platform for record labels and artists, relies on MindStudio to quickly build AI assistants that solve common pain points in the music industry. MindStudio’s no-code environment helps TLM’s staff create customized tools without needing a programming background.

Founder Nick Sadler originally discovered MindStudio after coming across founder Dmitry Shapiro’s interview on Eye on AI. This prompted him to investigate MindStudio further, drawn to the no-code aspect as a way for his team to build AI applications faster.


For TLM, a key problem was the manual effort required for tasks like writing business plans. Current clients would have to first watch a video to understand the key points of a business plan, then compose their own.

TLM staff were also consistently bogged down with the effort of having to create templates, documents, videos, and additional content to educate clients on client acquisition techniques, growth strategy, and the appropriate artist contracts needed to launch their businesses.

Enter MindStudio:

Using MindStudio, TLM’s clients, who all own record labels of their own, simply answer the onboarding series of questions about their emerging business, and then automatically generate a strategic business plan based using TLM’s proprietary strategy. TLM clients can use this strategy as a guide, rapidly increasing their time to onboarding and giving TLM staff a clear outline of client needs.

MindStudio Wins:

  • Custom embed
  • Data source uploading
  • Platform agnostic
  • Multi-workflow automations

The Label Machine found that another key benefit of using MindStudio was the ease of creating multi-pronged AI workflows to help clients produce original content, like custom blog content, YouTube scripts, and TikTok videos. TLM’s MindStudio AIs can even walk users through brand discovery - including tone, logo creation, and brand guidelines. 

With MindStudio, TLM highlights being able to quickly build and iterate tools without needing to code as a major plus. The team also emphasized the openness of MindStudio as a key benefit, noting that being platform agnostic created reassurance that their AIs could always be moved to higher performing foundational AI models in a matter of minutes, as well as take advantage of multimodal workflows using a variety of input strategies (visual and text). 

TLM’s AI Roadmap:

The TLM team plans to create an entire suite of AI assistants focused on different record label launch tasks using MindStudio. Founder Sadler reiterates, "We want to create a whole suite of record label assistants and then beyond that, assistants for creatives in general."

We look forward to seeing the continued innovation from The Label Machine, in partnership with MindStudio.

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