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Sales Enablement Leader Uses AI to Train Sales and Customer Support Staff


Michael works in sales enablement for a cybersecurity company, creating training programs to equip teams to better serve clients. Seeing AI's potential to boost learning efficiency, he wanted customized solutions.

While exploring AI capabilities, Michael discovered MindStudio's no-code platform for building tailored assistants. With no technical background needed, he could create tools aligned to his teams' needs.

Michael designed practice scenarios for sales and customer support to rehearse client dialogues through an AI playing various roles. He embedded scoring to provide feedback, with the goal of getting staff client-ready faster.

Michael has positioned himself as an innovation leader leveraging AI for enablement. Whether accelerating onboarding, answering common questions, or structuring call notes - AI adds efficiency. This allows his team to focus on higher-value activities and better serve customers.

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Call Pall: Improve your Sales Calls

Communication Trainer

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