Exploring the Potential of AI in Education: Thought Stretchers Podcast


In a recent episode of The Thought Stretchers podcast, our founder and CEO Dmitry Shapiro discussed the exciting potential for artificial intelligence, and MindStudio specifically, to transform education.

Dmitry explained how MindStudio allows anyone, even those without technical skills, to easily build AI-powered applications after watching a short tutorial. Over 25,000 people are already using the platform to create apps for a wide range of uses, including many in the education space.

Some key ways MindStudio and AI can be leveraged in education include:

  • Allowing teachers to scale themselves by automating repetitive tasks like grading and assessment
  • Keeping students more engaged through interactive AI tutors and learning companions
  • Enabling hyper-personalized learning experiences tailored to each student's needs
  • Empowering students themselves to build AI applications as an invaluable skill

While acknowledging valid concerns around AI in education, like potential inaccuracies or cheating, Dmitry emphasized that the profound positive impact far outweighs the risks - especially with human educators remaining firmly in the driver's seat.

"Artificial intelligence is extraordinarily human," Dmitry noted, because it learns from all the knowledge humans have created. Rather than replacing teachers, AI will be an increasingly essential tool to help educators raise thoughtful, creative learners equipped for the future.

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