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Generate Images for AI Apps with Dream AI Block in MindStudio


Integrate automated image generation into your MindStudio workflows using the new Dream AI integration. Easily create custom visuals from text descriptions to enhance conversational AI and creative apps.

Key Benefits

  • Boost engagement with visual elements in your chatbots and assistants
  • Quickly illustrate ideas, stories, objects and settings on-demand
  • Unlock new creative possibilities in MindStudio with AI-generated art

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Follow these straightforward steps to start building with Dream AI:

  1. Add the Dream AI block (Community Functions)
  2. Enter your Dream API key
  3. Set image style parameter
  4. Connect text prompt variable
  5. Name output image variable
  6. Link block to automation
  7. Test image generation with sample prompts

And that’s all it takes! Now you can generate supportive imagery at any point in your MindStudio workflow using text-to-image AI capabilities.

Add Image Generation to your App

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