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How Enterprise Businesses are Using AI in Customer Support

  • A superior customer support journey is the key to driving revenue. This is why the top enterprise use cases of MindStudio include AI-fueled customer support assistants. 
  • Enterprises are supercharging their customer support functions by integrating AI customer service knowledge bases and AI employee assistants that ensure best-in-class experiences for customers.

Solve Human Bandwidth Issues and Scalability 

MindStudio empowered companies create applications to decipher and respond to user queries, clear doubts, and provide a helping hand in problem resolution. These AI applications solve many current customer support challenges:

1. Always-on Service: AI responders service customers 24/7, ensuring they get help when and how they need it, even after business hours and in a diversity of languages.

2. No-wait Response Times: Automated replies eliminate customer wait times and rapidly field customer inquiries. 

3. Enhanced Escalations: When human service representatives are given increased bandwidth they are empowered to focus on complex, high-touch troubleshooting needs. 

4. Scale it Up: AI can process multiple queries at once, enabling large-scale customer support for enterprise companies without the need to hire a large-scale customer service team.

5. Customized Interaction: Armed with customer data, MindStudio Customer Service AIs can provide tailored responses and deliver a personalized touch to every customer interaction.

How to Successfully Launch MindStudio AI Customer Service Applications

The successful launch of AI customer service starts with preparing a solid game plan:

1. Set Clear Goals: Pinpoint your current bottlenecks in flow or pain points for your customers, and define what improvement looks like. Then, once you build your first Customer Service applications to address these needs, you can clearly see the positive gains that have been achieved.  

To help companies hit the ground running, MindStudio provides quick-start templates. The most frequently deployed MindStudio Customer Service oriented templates are:

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2. Create a User-friendly Experience: MindStudio AI applications are inherently accessible to the end user, but to ensure they are easily accessed and appreciated,  it is important to embed them directly on your site’s “FAQ” or “Help” page. For internal employees, using the MindStudio dashboard to create a single workspace for Team AIs centralizes AI resources in a single place and increases internal adoption.

How to Embed MindStudio AIs

Customizing AI Branding

Creating Custom Data Sources for Employees

3. Logging & Transparency: The interaction logging feature lets you review customer or employee conversations. With these insights, the flow of your AI and how information is presented publicly can be improved.  MindStudio AI ensures continuous improvement for not only your AI apps, but for your customer’s experience.

Keep in mind, that it is best practice (and legally mandated in some areas) that your customers and employees know when chats are logged. For this reason, chat logging notification is a default, non-changeable setting in MindStudio AIs when the logging feature is turned on.

The Future of AI-Driven Customer Service

AI applications are game-changers in customer support. Today, MindStudio AI companies are building intuitive, responsive, and personalized AI applications that support their customers and empower their employees. 

MindStudio AI Customer Service Apps streamline operations and will exceed your clientele’s expectations. 


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