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How To Qualify Leads With AI


Companies are using MindStudio to build custom AI-powered applications (AIs) for all kinds of business use cases –– including lead qualification, scoring, and ranking.

How it works

The AI is provided with a CSV or document containing a list of prospects.

Because the AI is trained on the company’s knowledge base including lead scoring criteria, it is able to quickly identify and rank prospects in order of importance and actionability.

The AI provides detailed insights on each lead based on the scoring criteria ––  budget constraints, company/client compatibility, sales cycle timelines, etc.

The AI generates a table of leads in order of importance, and provides suggested actions for the salesperson in order to pursue each lead.

The AI can integrate with CRMs to update existing lead tables via API.

Common Results

  • Significant improvement in lead target selection.
  • Measurable improvements in close rates.

How To Build An AI Lead Qualifier App

  1. Gather company information –– features and benefits, competitive differentiation, ideal customer profiles, current clients, market trends, sales strategies and playbooks, common objection handling, etc. Upload information manually or integrate with existing systems (via API) to automatically have up-to-date info.
  2. Gather lead information for scoring and ranking –– using a CRM or lead capture form, compile information about each lead including company size, industry, annual revenue, geographic location, budget, existing solutions, needs and pain points, size, contact information, etc.  Upload information manually via a CSV or integrate with existing systems (via API) to automatically have up-to-date info.
  3. Build the AI –– Consider starting with this template. Add custom scoring criteria, ranking logic, custom integrations, etc.

Other use cases for AI Sales

Using MindStudio, companies can create all kinds of AI-powered applications. 

  • Sales Team Training
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Automating Processes by Integrating AI With CRM
  • Creating Personalized Email Campaigns
  • Sentiment Analysis of Client Feedback
  • Prospect Lifetime Value Predictions
  • Save Manager Time with an AI Sales Handbook 

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