Matt Wolfe Builds an AI MrBeast


Matt Wolfe provides a fantastic step-by-step tutorial on creating an AI assistant powered by public data. He shows how to build "BeastBot", an AI that answers questions with the wisdom of YouTube star MrBeast.

Let's break down how Matt built this AI helper using MindStudio's no-code platform:

  1. Gather Data: Matt compiled over 10 text transcripts of long interviews with MrBeast. This raw text data would be used to train the AI.
  2. Import to MindStudio: He then imported the text files into MindStudio as training data sources. This provides the knowledge base.
  3. Set Variables: Matt defined variables in MindStudio for channel name, topic, and subscribers to customize each chat.
  4. Establish Context: He wrote detailed instructions about BeastBot's role and tone, ensuring proper responses.
  5. Build Logic Flow: Using the drag-and-drop editor, he set up the logic to take input, query data, and display replies.
  6. Set Message Rules: Additional rules were defined to leverage the data sources for ongoing conversations.
  7. Choose AI Model: Matt picked GPT-3.5 as the natural language model to power the AI.
  8. Publish Bot: Finally, he published the finished BeastBot that could mimic MrBeast himself!

By following Matt's step-by-step process, anyone can build their own intelligent AI app on MindStudio using public data. T

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