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MindStudio Adds Powerful Custom JavaScript Functions to AI Workflows


MindStudio has introduced a groundbreaking new capability called Custom Functions that allows creators to leverage JavaScript code within their AI applications. This opens up nearly endless possibilities for things like making API calls, web scraping, transforming user inputs, manipulating shared states, and countless other advanced functions.

Custom Function Block in Automations Workflow

While coding knowledge is not necessary for creators who simply want to use Functions, users with JavaScript skills now have incredibly powerful options for customizing and enhancing their AIs. Developers can author their own complex functions doing virtually anything imaginable with JavaScript, then package them into easy-to-use Custom Functions Blocks inside of MindStudio.

Editing and Testing JavaScript of a Custom Function

Creators without direct coding abilities can utilize Custom Functions created by others and shared publicly or within the MindStudio community. The parameters and outputs are presented in simple variable fields within the visual editor, shielding non-technical users from needing to touch actual code.

The potential use cases are enormously wide-ranging thanks to opening the full power of JavaScript. Creators could integrate searching the web, making API requests, transforming user inputs, shared states and much more.

Learn More: How to use Custom Functions

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