MindStudio Adds Chat Logging and Lead Capture for Business Tier Users


MindStudio has introduced two major new capabilities exclusively for users on its Business tier subscription plan - chat logging/transcripts and lead capture tools.

Creators can now enable detailed logging on any "Collect Input" conversational blocks, which prompt users for information. When enabled, full transcripts of user responses will be recorded and visible to the app developer.

Additionally, logging can also be enabled on the final Terminator blocks that end conversations. This captures complete chat transcripts of all messages exchanged in a given user session.

To ensure transparency, MindStudio apps with logging enabled will now show clear warnings to users before they provide any input. These messages inform that their responses may be visible to the app creator.

Captured chat transcripts and user input data become available to creators within the MindStudio platform under the Logs section of the AI dashboard. Exports, searching, segmentation and more are coming soon to unlock additional value from the logged conversation data.

This new functionality crucially empowers MindStudio Business users to better analyze real dialogues for optimizing their AI assistant apps. With full chat records, creators can identify areas to improve conversations, train better natural language processing, and surface insights into customer needs.

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