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National Compliance Assistance with MindStudio AI, ChatGPT, and Custom Databases

  • Fun Parent AU is an information resource and community for parents of children with disabilities.
  • By using RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) with custom data sources, Fun Parent AU’s MindStudio AI is able to walk users through the NDIS Act, rules, policies, processes, published AAT cases involving the NDIS and other relevant legislation.

Wading through all the federal and state rules surrounding the support of children with disabilities is extremely challenging. It is even harder to successfully navigate this landscape when administrators overlay an irregular (and sometimes invented) application of the guidelines.  

Fun Parent AU built an AI that solves the bureaucratic challenges associated with accessing government services. FunParent AU’s AI helps users comply with local and national guidelines, ensures they have easy access to all relevant documentation, and empowers the advocacy of their needs to government administrators.  

The Fun Parent AU team bulk-uploaded many thousands of pages of documentation into the AI as reference data using MindStudio’s custom databases and created prompts for the AI to pose to the user to understand their situation. Using RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation), the AI then highlights specific areas in the guidelines that are related to a parent’s challenges and it recommends how to proceed.  

After sharing this incredibly powerful tool with several large Facebook groups in their community dedicated to parents with disability challenges, it is clear that FunParent AU has flipped the paradigm on its head. The Fun Parent AU community of parents are now able to be in the driver's seat, and can cut through red tape with much less stress and they are benefiting from far faster access to services.  

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