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Helping Small Businesses Succeed at Marketing with AI: ElAIne's Story


ElAIne is a SaaS marketing platform that helps local businesses in their area drive more sales through effective marketing campaigns and AI tools that empower SMB owners to act as their own marketing manager. Founded by a team of marketing consultants and former bootstrapped founders, ElAIne’s team understands the constraints small business owners face when trying to market their companies with limited resources. With a huge database of marketing best practices built from expert experience, as well as in depth knowledge of key pain points from SMBs building out a marketing funnel, ElAIne turned to MindStudio as the most powerful way to build robust AI applications to serve their SMB clients.


The ElAIne team wanted to level the playing field for their clients by using AI to generate data-driven marketing strategies tailored to their specific needs and budgets. They knew it was nearly impossible for local companies to compete against bigger brands with huge marketing budgets, and saw AI applications as an opportunity to increase competition.

Before the emergence of MindStudio, ElAIne’s developers initially struggled to build custom AI applications that provided enough value to justify the development time and compute costs. They needed a no-code AI platform that allowed them to easily create specialized marketing AIs with multiple workflows, Chain-of-Thought prompting, branching automations, and easy embeddability. 

Enter MindStudio:

Without data scientists on staff, MindStudio provided an intuitive way to leverage AI building blocks, data sources, client onboarding, and workflows. 

MindStudio Wins:

  • No-code builder
  • Custom functions
  • Custom data sources
  • Onboarding across workflows
  • Multimodal inputs
  • White labeling and easy embeddability 

For example, ElAIne used MindStudio to quickly develop a custom AI assistant that analyzes clients’ previous email and social media performance, then recommends high-performing content topics with optimal send and posting times. ElAIne users can send the information to another workflow to begin brainstorming and generating the content. In less than an hour, SMB clients can cut through the digital noise and learn how to drive more traffic and engagement.

Using MindStudio as a backend, has made it possible for the ElAIne team to give small business clients enterprise-level capabilities for a fraction of the cost. The no-code interface allows ElAIne’s developers to be creative in applying AI to solve all kinds of marketing challenges.

The ElAIne AI Roadmap

Going forward, the ElAIne team  is excited to continue expanding their catalog of AI solutions for small business clients. Next on their roadmap is using MindStudio to develop AI assistants for financial forecasting, search engine optimization, and customer retention for specific verticals like retail, professional services, and healthcare.

“MindStudio's visual interface and pre-built components let us quickly test ideas for applying AI to new marketing use cases," said ELAIne’s Lead Developer, Simon Schoeman. "We can take risks and get creative, knowing we can easily iterate based on client feedback."

ElAIne also plans to take advantage of new capabilities MindStudio is developing like multimodal content generation across text, images, audio and video to better engage prospects. 

"The capabilities MindStudio is releasing daily, like multimodal inputs within workflows, will allow us to take our AI solutions for small businesses to the next level," said Simon. "We're thrilled to have them as a partner as we continue to innovate new ways for SMBs to compete against much larger competitors."

In the few short months since adopting MindStudio, ElAIne has been able to significantly expand their stable of small business clients by offering affordable AI-powered solutions tailored to their needs. 

"MindStudio has become an invaluable tool in our toolbox for empowering small businesses to successfully compete online," said Simon. "The platform's versatility, ease-of-use and responsive support allows us to create high-value AI solutions quickly, using our industry knowledge and expertise, that would not be feasible otherwise."

ElAIne is currently only offered to their standing client list, but the team plans to launch ElAIne as a publicly available SaaS product in March, 2024. Interested users hoping to use the platform can add their name to the MyElAIne waiting list.

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